How to use leftover yarn to make great outfits

It is another gloomy morning of third week of our lockdown. So much  uncertainty, limitations and wonder. Feels like you’re  waiting for a new episode each day. With that said, I am so grateful for having an ability and desire to create and fulfill my frustrations an even anger through creativity and imagination.

As I walk in to my garage, I see yarn….oh so many boxes of it….. and couldn’t  help but to remember a great story on how I got to possess so much yarn. 

One Sunday morning I was on my way to see my Mom and I was passing by a yard sale. I stopped my car and decided to look around at the items that were being sold. Among them I found a box with different color yarn, it was high quality yarn, silk, rayon, wool and cotton. I came up to the man  in charge and complemented him on the yarn. He was pleased and asked me if I was a professional crafter,  I told him I was and that I was addicted to my craft. Surprised by my response he kindly asked me to follow him in to the house where he had a lot more yarn. Apparently his beloved wife had a yarn store. Wow!

As I entered the room  I couldn’t believe my eyes!! The room was filled with yarn of different textures and colors. I felt like a kid in a candy store where I could have any candy I want! I asked how much he want for the yarn. The olman replied:  “Pick a box without looking at what’s inside and give me $10 for it ”. I couldn’t  contain myself  from jumping up and down. After packing 8 boxes in to my car (that’s  all I was able to fit ) I headed on my way, absolutely ecstatic . 

That evening I brought my boxes  home, unpacked them and looked at what kind of treasures were inside. I was so pleased with my discovery. Colors and textures were unbelievable and as I looked at each skien, I could already imagine what I would create with it. The only problem was that I had to work with what I had, I couldn’t order more if my project required so. I sorted all yarn and decided to start my first project that you see above. 

The texture and color of this yarn was super beautiful and I decided that I would make an entire project with a simple double crochet stitch. Often we use very complicated patterns and stitches to come up with unique creations, but sometimes less is more. Simple pattern and good combination of color can lead to beautiful outcome. I loved making this outfit and love wearing it. There is no limit to human potential to creativity and imagination. We can use this time to create and be productive and remember that just by combining colors and using very simple stitch you can achieve phenomenal effects. OK it is time to make my new video tutorial. I will see you soon!

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