5 Things You Need to Know when Working with Bulky Yarn

It is still chilly out, and although I put my warm hats away, I am still wearing my coat or my warm jacket.  In the project above, I am wearing a warm jacket I made using bulky yarn. Bulky yarns are incredibly trendy among knitters and crocheters of all skill levels and the wider fashion world. Though the style goes up and down over the years, it’s still relatively popular as a super comfy cold-weather garment. When I purchased this yarn, I had a really great idea for it, but I didn’t realize how much I would learn along the way and how I wished I looked at some tips before I started. Not only was I designing something new, but I was using a yarn I had never worked with before. Now that I think about it, it didn’t seem like the best idea, but I love a challenge, and I’m always up for one! The result came out great. I love the coat I made, and I wore it many times, so no complaints there. There are a few things I would like to share with you to make your experience better and more enjoyable.

Rule #1: Use the correct size hook. When it comes to bulky yarns, it’s important to stick with the recommended hook size. With jumbo-sized yarn, you want to use a larger hook. I suggest that you go up a hook size of whatever size is recommended for that yarn.

Rule#2: Pay attention to the weight of the yarn. Make sure the bulky yarn you’re working with, although bulky, but lightweight. If you’re making a jacket or coat, it may turn out to be too heavy to wear if the yarn you choose is both bulky and heavy. If you are completely in love with the yarn you choose, and its heavyweight, I suggest doing smaller projects.

Rule #3: Use a simple stitch with bulky yarn. There’s no point in making it complicated by using a fancy stitch pattern. You can use half double crochet or double crochet, but I highly recommend just using single crochet. It’s easy and works just as fast. In the project above, I used single crochet and double crochet.

Rule#4: Loosen your tension. Some people crochet “loose,” and others crochet “tight.” When working with bulky yarns, do your best to loosen up your tension to allow more space for each stitch. Try to relax your shoulders, relax your grip, and get into the smooth motion of the craft. Remember that bulky yarn traps air making your projects super warm, so loosening your tension will allow for more comfortable wear.

Rule#5: When weaving your ends, separate the strand into three different strings and work with each separately as you weave it in. This will help it stay in place.

Give a bulky yarn a try on an easy project like a scarf, and see what you think. If you like to receive a pattern for the coat above, send me an email, and I will share it with you. Enjoy the springtime, and you will be hearing from me soon.