Tips on Lace Crochet

Hello, my crafty friends,

Life as we know it has come to a complete standstill for most people. During this time of isolation, most of us thinking deeply about a shift in our priorities and what we really want our lives to look like once this crisis is over. 

Have your priorities changed? How is everyone doing during these challenging times? Are you able to reflect and self-care?

It is over a month now since the shut-down in New York, and my work outside of a home is super slow, but I am grateful for my blog, yarn, and hooks that are keeping me busy and emotionally satisfied.

Self-care is super important right now. Stress and anxiety can affect your immune system and therefore make you more susceptible to colds and flu. So I take my vitamins, eat healthy, exercise, keep my gratitude journal to stay positive and keep my spirits up.

In today’s blog, I would like to share a few things with you about Lace crochet.

I love to crochet lace so much! Lace Crochet

Have you ever looked at a beautiful crochet lace project and felt intimidated? Have you ever felt like you would never be able to be good enough to make lace? If that’s you, I am here to tell you that you can absolutely make lace even if you are a beginner. Don’t let stitch patterns intimidate you. If you can crochet basic stitches—chains and double crochets—you can make lace! You only need to balance your basic stitches with open spaces, creating a light, delicate fabric. Generally, we use finer threads for lace and more decorative styles of stitching, often with flowing lines or scalloped edges to give interest. Variation of the size of the holes also gives a piece a “lacy” look. 

When I began to crochet, I was immediately attracted to it and couldn’t wait to do a lace project.  I love the elegant fairness and intricacy of hand made crochet. If you are a beginner, I want to assure you again that it is super easy to crochet lace. It is not complicated at all.  

There are so many lace crochet types that range from very simple to super complicated. One of the great things about lace is that you can finish your project super fast. The inches fly by.

Lace Crochet

The project above is an evening jacket I made recently. I wanted to design a jacket in a lace pattern because I wanted to create something very delicate yet bold. This jacket has a pretty combination of lace and textured stitches. I used a pineapple pattern with a puff stitch. The lace-pattern has a slight transition, which looks unique and different. The lace achieves a completely different look and turns the most simple of designs into sophisticated fashion-wear.  It definitely looks more like evening wear,  but the glitter is very much in now, so it could be gorgeous with jeans as well. If you are interested in the lace pattern, feel free to write to me. Stay safe and healthy, and I can’t wait to share my next project with you.