Designing steps of a Crochet Dress
Hello, My Crafty Friends,
I love the weather these days, and it’s so beautiful and sunny out. Shut down is still keeping us away from people we love and activities we want to do, but I am super grateful for my health and the health of people I love. I continue my morning routine to support my immune system, including taking my Vitamin C from Young Living and Steen’s Manuka Honey, a natural antibiotic. This blog is keeping me focused on positivity, clarity, and creativity. I want to write today about garment crochet. The complexity of making a dress or a jacket always draws me in.There is something extraordinary about wearing a garment that you have made. My thought process was that making a blanket would take just as much time as a dress, so why be intimidated?
My very first project was a dress. I bought the yarn, sketched for the dress, and started crocheting. The result was an original piece of crochet fashion that I was proud to wear. I don’t think you need a pattern to make a dress. All you need is yarn, a crochet hook, and a little bit of imagination. Many believe that crocheting things like a cardigan or a dress is outside of their skillset, but it is not hard. Yes, there are very complicating patterns out there, but you can start with simple stitches and a simple design. 
My dress above came to my mind when I learned that we were having a family wedding. I decided to make a dress that I could wear to wear to the wedding. I knew I had plenty of time to design and make my outfit. The idea for the design started in the store when I saw the yarn, and ahhhh, it was deep burgundy color with little shine to it. Slightly silky, lightweight, but very sturdy. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to need, so I got some extra. When I came home, I started making sketches and decided that I wanted to incorporate Swarovski beads on the front of the dress and the bottom; it was an evening occasion, after all. The sketch was done, and my work began. I started by picking the main pattern and gauge to see how many chains I need to start with for my body measurements.  The anticipation was growing as I was halfway through and super excited to see the final product. I love the feeling of discovering something new about yourself during the process. It helps to boost your confidence while conquering your fears. I will be honest two times. I had to release a few rows and redo the waist area to make the dress sit better on my waist. Crochet craft gives you such a fantastic opportunity to decorate your project with different patterns that you can never achieve with fabric.
lace crochet dress

I used a lace pattern for the back, which came out elegant yet and flirty. Now it was time to work the bottom of the dress, and one tedious thing was stringing all the beads. At the time, I didn’t know that I could add a bead as I went along, but in crochet, you learn every day, and that’s a great thing. Crocheting beads to the bottom of the dress added some weight and pulled the folds to the shape that I desired. Few beads were sawn to the front and back to add balance.  My project was finally complete, and I was super happy with the way it came out.  

crochet clutch

Now I had some yarn left and I said: “why not make a matching clutch?”  I crochet a cylinder,  embellished it with few beads and use a plastic bottle to hold its shape.

how to design a dress
My dearest Mom and my Son
how to design a dress
My Son as a Ring Boy

The wedding day was such a festive affair. Everyone was dressed in beautiful gowns, and I was wearing my handmade dress with a matching clutch.  Many compliments came my way that night – it felt amazing to know that your vision for beauty and fashion was applauded and appreciated. So, to all you crafters out there who have been on the fence about making a dress or a jacket, I want to tell you don’t be intimidated and just go for it. You may try to follow a simple pattern, to begin with and then try to design your own. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you finally get to try on a gown that you made yourself!