Hello friends! I am Irina, the lady behind Crochet Masterpiece. 
This Blog is a simple way to express my love for crochet in design. 
I was born and raised in Russia, and at age sixteen, my family decided to pack up our belongings and move to America, where we settled in a beautiful and busy New York.  Later I got married and moved to Long Island, where I still reside with my husband and two children.
Crochet has become a real passion of mine and completely transformed my life. Learning is something I live for. I just love learning new things! I crave filling my brain with as much knowledge as possible, and one thing I love about crochet is that it is a never-ending pit of stitches and patterns, and you are always learning. It is like we were made for each other!
My crochet journey started when I was nine years old, and life threw a big scare on my health. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis and needed to be hospitalized and stay in an isolated room. High fever, weakness, and the fact that I couldn’t see or talk to my family was hard on me. Overcome with this decline in my health, I felt terrified and lost every ounce of hope. At the hospital, I had an assigned nurse to take care of me. She was a lady who didn’t smile much and was very proper. She reassured me that in a few weeks, I would get better only if I think positive and keep my mind focused on something that is happy and positive. She brought me a crochet instruction book, a hook, and a ball of yarn. She said: “Learn how to crochet, my dear, make good use of your time and perhaps make me something as a gift.”  
At first, I was confused with her request but then realized that it would keep my mind off my sickness and focused on learning and creativity. She would never know how much she changed my life. She planted small seeds of hope along my painful journey, which eventually budded into seedlings of joy and grew into a beautiful life full of learning and creativity. I started to study the instruction book, learned about different stitches and was super determined to master the craft. 

Within a few weeks of treatment, I  regained my health and have completed my first self-thought project. A month later, I left the hospital with a good bill of health, and the best part was that I had gifted my nurse, who took such good care of me, my crochet doily. Ever since then, crochet became part of my life. 
Designing is what I am most passionate about. I am so happy I found a craft to bring my personality and create something of my own. I strive to design unique pieces that are simple and sophisticated. I aim for comfort, warmth, and versatility, while closely paying attention to details.
From the meditative and cognitive benefits that crochet offers, you’ll reduce not only your stress and anxiety levels but also have the incredible opportunity to learn, create, and teach your children about this beautiful craft. You don’t need to be a professional or have extensive training; just be yourself and let crochet draw you out.  I hope that my patterns and tutorials inspire you to give this craft a try, and together we can turn every yarn ball into a Crochet Masterpiece!