Freeform Crochet – What You Need to Know

freeform crochet

 Freeform  Crochet

It is a bright Monday morning, the sun is shining, Cherry trees are  blossoming and it feels absolutely beautiful outside. As I took a walk this morning I couldn’t help myself but to think about everything that is happening right now with Covid-19 and the true meaning of freedom. 

So what does it mean? Freedom. By definition , freedom is the power to act, speak or think as one wants without any restraint. Although we have many limitations right now, there is no limitation to a human potential to creativity and this is why I want to write about FREEFORM Crochet.

In Freeform Crochet there is no pattern, rhyme, or reason. You do not work back and forth in rows or in rounds. You can change colors wherever you please and create absolutely any shape or design you feel like. 

Freeform crochet has been around in some form as long as the history of crochet, with the first glimpses of it seen in Irish crochet. There really are not any rules when it comes to freeform crochet. The entire idea is to take your crochet hook and use it with yarn to create images of your own design. Freeform crochet is a wonderful expression of your own creativity achieved through fiber. It is often called “painting with yarn” because of the openness of the design. 

 Traditional crochet is paint-by-numbers while freeform crochet is starting with a blank canvas and only your own creativity. In a traditional crochet, you have to carefully count your stitches to get the right shape; in a freeform crochet, you can put stitches anywhere.

One of the most important definitions of crochet in freeform that you must learn is “scumbling”. 

Scumbling means to crochet several different pieces, often using different colors, textures, and stitches, and then join them together to create the finished piece. One of my suggestions is crocheting a variety of organically shaped, textured pieces and joining them together to create a fabric. You can then use this fabric to make items such as art scarves, jackets, tops or any fashion piece. This patchwork approach is a great way to use up leftover bits of yarn while unleashing your creative side.

That said, freeform crochet creations can be two-dimensional like a painting, but they can also be three-dimensional like a sculpture. Freeform crochet is a technique that allows the crocheter to explore all of the artistic possibilities of the craft in truly unexpected ways. 

In the project above I have crochet many different elements, like leaves, flowers, seashells, grapes and simple ropes and connected them together with chain stitch. I used Rayon yarn and had a great time working with it. I hope you can be brave enough to try it. Ok it is a time for a coffee break but I will promise to come back soon! 


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